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Volpago del Montello

2560533029_1cc89db338_b Office IAT Asolo
Piazza Garibaldi, 73
Phone +39 0423.529046
E-mail: iatasolo@provincia.treviso.it

Historically, the name would Volpago the meaning of "land of red earth" and the geology of the ground confirms undeniably. During Venetian domination agricultural employment grew with the introduction of maize cultivation and breeding of the silkworm, and many families settled in the territory of Treviso and Venice who built their country home. The industrial age was born in time to Volpago, at the initiative of one of the most prestigious families in the country: the family Gobbi, who in 1870 was the star of the local proto-industrial reality. Along with two villas in this family, respectively, were built a textile mill and a factory bacologico. At the turn of last century, Volpago was one of the most active in the breeding of silkworm cocoons in processing and production of high quality fabric. The country quickly became an important industrial center of induced (mainly in the footwear industry) and home to important activities, among them deserve to be mentioned the Ennerev, which produced spring mattresses exported throughout Italy and abroad, Garmont, the whose product, a shoe sporting handmade very innovative for its time, prevailed throughout the world, and finally the mushrooms of Montello, the first crop of mushrooms rationally organized with modern laboratories and a revolutionary process of cultivation. On the montelliana the municipal area overlooking the Piave, a number of sites of memory refer to the two world wars which at this location was one of the steps determined. Here was fought the Battle of the Solstice (15-23 June 1918), battle in which began the withdrawal of troops autre-Hungarian Hapsburg army and the route that led to the armistice on 4 November 1918.
The whole community is now pleasant destination for a break in the many restaurants in the countryside or in the equally numerous trattorias of Montello. Here you can taste genuine food and quality wines, or enjoy the pleasure of a day in a natural environment still enjoyable, or a visit to works of art little-known but equally deserving of consideration: in the village of Selva are the fifteenth-century villa Priuli-Barea, the sixteenth-Wing of the Ca 'Marcello, the church which houses the stories of Moses Guardi, Tintoretto and Paolo Veneziano, the most famous painter of the Venetian '300.
Numerous famous people that have their origins in Volpago and have left a mark in time include the engineer. Gobbi, who directed the Alfa Romeo preventing the Nazis to transfer the car manufacturer and its materials in Germany, the painter and poet Ottarino Stefani, the painter Island Guizzo, deported to the camps and working in Rome next to the great figures such as De Chirico, the poet Francis Vanozzo, the revolutionary Louis coat and mycologist and botanist Pier Andrea Saccardo. Among the historic events we remember the "Spacaszoc", which is held in Selva del Montello a Sunday in mid-October, and the Batar Forment Borgo pieces.

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City of Volpago of Montello
Phone +39 0423.873400


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